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We are pleased to welcome you to ChafeyKo!

             I would like to just emphasize the fact that this site is not just an online store, which is now a lot on the Internet. Internet Distributor "ChafeyKo" - a new project that is interesting for the trading organizations, businesses and end users.
             What's new in "ChafeyKo" you ask ..? It's simple! Trading Group "ChafeyKo" - a distributor of tea and coffee, and for some brands - exclusive distributor, so prices below wholesale.

            Among our clients are different companies and organizations: trading houses, wholesalers, retailers, entrepreneurs and other companies different forms of ownership.

            Specific differences ChafeyKo:

1) Price - the whole range of tea and coffee has 2 price (from the box and piece). This product you can get at distributor prices, ie, Online price - a wholesale price of tea and coffee. At this price can buy goods not big wholesaler. So we will not be offended and retail connoisseur of these drinks, recognized worldwide.
2) Discounts - for large customers a discount system, as in the one-time purchases, and on the accumulation.
3) Range - here you will find about 1000 kinds of tea and coffee, which are made up of more than 60 brands, such as: Jacobs, Nescafe, Gimoka, Greenfield, Princess Java, Kandi, Gita, Nuri Monomakh, Lipton, Jockey , Baristi, Ahmad, Batik, Tarlton, Hyson, Hyleys, Torino, Trometta, Fort, Lavazza and others. We are not sprayed onto other foods.
4) Professionalism - our team works as an ambitious young people, and "wolves" with 20 years of experience.
5) Warehouse - we do not sell air. Always in stock almost the entire range of tea and coffee.
6) Logistics - as all goods in stock, we are always trying to bring order in the shortest time.
7) Shares - we are constantly held events and activities in which our clients can participate and receive additional benefits.
8) Knowledge - depth knowledge of our experts tea and coffee sometimes resulting in a state of shock even the gurus in tea and coffee. Therefore, rely on competent advice you can always call to our office.
9) Development - as we work closely with importers and manufacturers of our brands, cooperating with us, you will always be aware of all new products.
10) Experience - since 2009 we are engaged in the distribution of food products.
Finally, we work officially, as evidenced by the founding documents. All products are certified.
If you have still any questions, we will be happy to answer them over the phone or by e-mail.


Best regards,

Your ChafeyKo!

ЧафейКо интернет-дистрибьютор - продажа чая и кофе оптом и в розницу

Our phones: +38(057) 780-16-94, +38(099) 357-19-87, +38(063) 95-05-837, +38(098) 65-39-250.

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