Coffee Barista For a cup 250g   Strong coffee with a multifaceted taste, light bitterness ..


Coffee Barista Classic 75g   A balanced and dense taste of medium-intensity coffee wi..


Coffee Barista Espresso 75g   This coffee has a rich and bitter taste, a long aftertaste a..


Coffee Barista Classic 250g   A balanced and dense taste of medium-intensity coffee w..


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Not so long ago a new brand of coffee appeared under the talking name of Barista in the Belarusian market. Affordable price, traditional tastes and skilful advertising have made the product quite popular, although the entire assortment remains accessible and known only among professionals.

Coffee Barista is a product developed and produced at the Belarusian enterprise. When selecting coffee varieties that are included in the product range, only those that have the greatest preference among the population of the country are included. This is a high-quality arabica from around the world with a small share of robusta to give the drink a favorite of many bitterness.

The manufacturer positions its products as freshly roasted coffee made on new Italian equipment with careful quality control at every stage from blending to frying, grinding and packing. It is here that the only laboratory in the country controls the quality of coffee.

Barista's range includes a range of ground coffee and a professional series of beans for cafes, bars and restaurants. The products are packaged in vacuum briquettes and multilayered foil bags of different weights from 100 grams to 1000 g. Soluble coffee is not yet included in the assortment.