Basilur | Buy with delivery in ✔ Kiev, ✔Odessa, ✔Poltava, ✔Chernigov, ✔Krivoy Rog

Basilur | Buy with delivery in ✔ Kiev, ✔Odessa, ✔Poltava, ✔Chernigov, ✔Krivoy Rog
The idea of ​​creating
The word "Basilur" does not make any sense in the translation from many languages. This sound was specially chosen for the name of the Basilur brand in order to create a new sound that will eventually acquire its meaning.

Premium, high quality, innovativeness, elite way of life.
During these 10 years of existence - the company achieved this! The CEO of Basilur Tea Company decided to create this brand to give people from different economic levels a chance to try this Ceylon tea of ​​high quality, which he himself loves and admires, because of his variety of varieties, flavors and flavors. Knowing the value of real, quality tea, he also wanted to restore the custom of giving tea as a gift. This tradition arose at the court of the Chinese emperors, several thousand years ago. Therefore, having gathered his rich experience in this industry, he founded the company BASILUR, thereby becoming the first producer from Sri Lanka, which in fact added value to ordinary tea and provided it to the world as a gift.

About the BASILUR brand
Basilur Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd is a tea producer and distributor of the Basilur brand on the international market. It's no secret that this quality tea is grown in Ceylon plantations, where suitable climatic conditions for its proper growth. Here, among the Ceylon slopes and plains, where the world's best tea is growing, the company Basilur Tea Company is located.

The production of Basilur is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO and HACCP.
Quality standards, which are used for manufacturing products, are confirmed by the emblem of the golden lion! The logo "The Lion with the Sword" which shows 17 spots on the skin confirms that the tea is grown, produced and packaged exclusively in Ceylon. This is a guarantee of high quality Ceylon tea, confirmed by the Government and the Tea Council of Sri Lanka. Foreign importers and tea producers can not apply this logo to their packages, even if the tea is grown in Ceylon.

However, this is far from the only condition put forward for tea producers by the experts of the Tea Council of the island. At all stages of its production, Bazilur undergoes careful monitoring by properly selected specialists, who are certainly knowledgeable about the types of tea and their quality. Titaster is, the so-called sommelier for tea. It is this specialist who is engaged in tasting tea and determines its quality, taste and aroma, which is certainly necessary for every tea company that cares about the prestige of all its products. Experienced titester will immediately determine not only the type of tea, but also the place of its growth, which will help to identify only reliable and decent producers.

The premium class Basilur tea is represented by a wide range of assortments - classic pure teas and with the addition of flower petals, fruits and aromatic herbs, which will allow you to pick and buy tea as a gift, taking into account the needs and tastes of a particular person. The company creates unique types of packaging in the world market of tea industry. The creation of design solutions for the design of collections, working a team of professionals - artists and designers. And Andrey Mareyev, the brand designer and marketer, heads this group of like-minded people. In the design of each package, exclusivity, premiumity, history of tea culture, tea traditions and modernity are seen.

Basilur Tea in Ukraine
From the very first days of the brand's existence, Basilur Tea Exports (Pvt) Ltd tried to actively develop and expand sales markets. So, the trade mark Basilur appeared in Ukraine. Organization VNPP "Viyana-L" - distributor of tea Bazilur throughout Ukraine.

We also work directly with the retail customer. Sale of tea is carried out through the online tea shop or by contacting our manager at the numbers indicated on the official website of Basilur - Residents of the Dnieper, Zaporozhye and Kamenskoye can visit our branded boutiques.

It has long been a tea drink is an integral part of many people's lives. The company Basilur Tea Ukraine is trying to popularize and develop the culture of tea drinking in Ukraine. Our team does everything to ensure that customers get the maximum pleasure from using this drink, which I would like to repeat again and again.

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