Coffee Carte Noire

CARTE NOIRE - this exquisite coffee made exclusively from Arabica beans. Due to high quality brand CARTE NOIRE gained fame around the world, becoming a benchmark of excellence and a leader in the coffee market in France.
Ukrainian consumers first tried CARTE NOIRE 2003. In Ukraine, the coffee is available in the traditional taste, decaffeinated and sticks.
CARTE NOIRE history began in 1978 when the French market was a lot of the same coffee varieties. Then gourmet coffee Rene Monnier created a new and unique recipe of the finest grain 100% Arabica.
The name and image of the new coffees gave French image-maker Jacques Seґela, known in Europe as "one who makes kings." Previously, he created the image of French presidents Francois Mitterrand, Hungary, Jozsef Antall, Poland's Aleksander Kwasniewski.

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