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Ahmad Tea English English №1 №1 black 25pcs * 2g (16)

Ahmad Tea English English №1 №1 black 25pcs * 2g (16)Ahmad Tea English English №1 №1 black 25pcs * 2g (16)
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Brand: Ahmad Tea
SKU: 2316
Country: Украина
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This blend - a masterpiece of world tea art, ideal for tea at any time of the day. The composition of the blend giving a bright copper infusion with a light, delicate flavor, accentuated notes of bergamot, includes about 30 varieties of tea leaves from Ceylon Dimbulla province. The mixture of the leaves of medium size Orange Pekoe standard. No other manufacturer of tea is still unable to repeat this unique blend of Ahmad Tea London. Bergamot -. Citrus evergreen tree cultivated in India, China, the Mediterranean countries, etc. Bergamot oil has a calming, relaxing effect, contributes to the normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, reduces stress and fatigue effects. The tea should be served without milk.
RECOMMENDATIONS BREWING: To experience a true taste of tea, warm tea, put the tea at the rate of one teaspoon per cup plus one tablespoon in the kettle. Add the water, which had just started to boil, let infusions of 5-7 minutes. Mix well and serve.
Ingredients: Ceylon black teas mixture baikhovi with bergamot flavor.

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