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Ahmad Tea Oolong Oolong Green Tea Green Tea GREEN. 75g (14)

Ahmad Tea Oolong Oolong Green Tea Green Tea GREEN. 75g (14)Ahmad Tea Oolong Oolong Green Tea Green Tea GREEN. 75g (14)
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Brand: Ahmad Tea
SKU: 2312
Country: Украина
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This beautiful oolong tea from the hills of Fujian province of China for a long time was known only to a narrow circle of connoisseurs. Golden refreshing brew with a slightly sweet taste bright and light floral scent is sure to impress even the most demanding connoisseurs of tea. Traditionally, Oolong made brew 2-3 times. The first welding lasts 3 minutes, each subsequent - for half a minute longer than the previous one. The tea should be served without milk.
RECOMMENDATIONS BREWING: To experience a true taste of tea, warm tea, put the tea from calculation one teaspoon per cup plus one tablespoon at a kettle, add water that has just boiled and cooled to 90 degrees Celsius, and allow to stand for 4 - 6 minutes . Mix well and serve.
Ingredients: green tea Chinese Oolong baikhovi.

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