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Tea Greenfield Green Melissa 100x1.5g (for HoReCa)

Tea Greenfield Green Melissa 100x1.5g (for HoReCa)Tea Greenfield Green Melissa 100x1.5g (for HoReCa)
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Brand: Greenfield
SKU: 1531
Country: Украина
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Herbal Tea Collection: Green Melissa Individuality natural composition Green Melissa creates a harmonious blend of green tea and aromatic herbs - mint and lemon balm. ... Persephone, jealous wife of the lord of the underworld god Hades once found her husband in the arms of a beautiful nymph Minto. Beside himself with rage, she turned Minto in low green grass, and even Hades Almighty could not return the human image of the nymph. Then he gave the plant a fresh, strong and spicy aroma. Thus, according to, the ancient Greek myth appeared on earth fragrant mint, which is believed the people of ancient Greece, to heal illnesses, to keep flexibility of mind and balance emotions. The aroma of mint served as a good sign, uplifting and helped revitalize the table talk, so the banquet halls were sprayed with mint water, tables were rubbed with mint leaves, and the guests were offered mint wreaths. History Melissa least remarkable - even Avicenna noted the healing properties of plants with a delicate aroma, reminiscent of the aroma of juicy lemon and lemon balm recommended as a remedy for heart ailments. The bouquet Green Melissa gentle natural lemon flavor and lemon balm mint shade light spice thin tart taste of fine Chinese tea. The infusion of this tea is a pure green color, really gentle silky taste and aroma combines a variety of spicy shades. Perfectly refreshes, soothes and helps relieve emotional stress.

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