French press

French press
Practical and technological cafetiere coffee and tea in a restaurant, coffee shops, cafes, as well as in everyday life. Invented in France in 1920, after World War II. It has spread throughout Europe.
Often used for professional tastings (the so-called "cupping" by Ang Ser -. "Cup") and to compare the quality of different sorts, as it allows rasprobovat grade "as it is". This simple device allows, however, to prepare good coffee beverage. There are also many brewed tea.
The beverage obtained from French-press, easily separated from the coffee grounds. This is one of the advantages. Another positive point - the coffee in it for a long time does not cool down. And finally - if the coffee is ground right, it turns out delicious coffee. It will be something in between espresso, prepared in domestic cereal coffee makers such as NW, Solisili Saecos one hand and the flow of coffee (filter) Coffee maker type BraviiorBonamat.
Advantages of French-press VESTA
- Versatility. Possibly used for brewing, both tea and coffee
- Ergonomic design
- Building of objects made of stainless steel, environmentally friendly, durable and resistant to corrosion
- High-quality satin finish
- Handles do not heat up during the brewing
- The bulb of all items made of heat-resistant glass VESTAvyderzhivayuschego temperature to 180 ° C
- The piston-plunger strainer tightly adjacent to the walls, carefully filtering the tea leaves and coffee particles
- Convenient and easy to open the lid does not fall when tilted French-press
- Ease of cleaning and washing, including using the dishwasher.
- Before the first use of French-press is necessary to thoroughly wash the flask in hot water with detergent
- Clean the french-press and the piston of the plunger after each use
- Do not clean the french-press abrasive detergents
- After you have washed french-press, wipe it dry with a soft cloth
Parameters coffee French-Press
The extraction temperature - -96 ° C 92
Milling - medium
Portion of ground coffee - 15-20 g per standard coffee (0.33 -0,35l)
Extraction time - 3-5 minutes
Serve the drink - 300 ml
Operation sfrench PRESS
1. Cover portion of ground coffee or tea in a French-press at 15-20 g French-press 033-0,35 L).
2. Pour the french press with hot water temperature close to boiling point.
3. Insert the piston and leave it in the up position (filter mesh touches the water surface).
4. Close the cover of French-press.
5. The French press is ready to serve.
Inexperienced guest need to explain: "In a few minutes, move the plunger down and pour coffee or tea into a cup."
Punch - is a drink which is taken as a basis for tea, milk, or (less often), and which are added various fruits and berries. The composition of the punches may also include juices, syrups, eggs and spices. This drink is a drink in the cold, so ive hot.
Cold raspberry punch.
To prepare the punch is better to take a tall glass, where it will be convenient to mix 30 g of raspberry syrup, 100 g cold (better than good), tea and milk 20g.
Hot lemon punch.
Are mixed in a tall glass, 20 g lemon juice and lemon syrup, vanilla syrup 10 g and 100 g of hot tea.
English punch.
Mix hot 120 g glass good (hot) tea with 4C of lemon juice and 30 grams of raspberry juice.
Russian hot toddy.
Mix 20 g of vanilla syrup and lemon juice, add 110g of hot tea and put cloves and cinnamon. After that, give the drink a brew for five or ten minutes. On top put a slice of lemon.
Tea cold with lemon
- Strong tea - 0.5 l - lemon - 4 slices - sugar - sparkling water - 0.5l - honey.
Lemon slices pour boiled water with sugar and frozen in molds in the freezer. Strong tea is cool, add honey. When serving in each glass put a lemon ice, pour the cooked iced tea and soda water to supplement. To submit a tea biscuit. Instead of a lemon, you can freeze berries or other fruit.
Tea Indian-frozen
- Water - 300 - 350 ml - Tea - 3 teaspoons - ice - sugar - lemon -1.
Brew tea conventional manner sustained for 5 minutes. Then, in a bowl 0.5l put a few ice cubes and pour all the tea from the kettle. Add sugar and lemon, sliced ​​or whole lemon juice that is squeezed directly into the tea. Drink cover with a cloth for 3 - 4 minutes, then drink very small sips.
Traditional Russian Tea
- Dry black tea -1-2 teaspoons - of boiling water -1 cup.
Net teapot gently rinse with boiling water and a little dry. Put the tea, pour boiling water, cover with a cloth and put on a samovar for 5 minutes. It is possible to put a piece of sugar makers. This contributes to a better cooking of tea leaves and returns their extractives. When the tea infusion, pour it into a cup and dilute with boiling water from the samovar. Properly brewed tea foam forms on the surface, which in any case should not be removed. Tea, brewed Russian way, drink with honey, jam, sugar, milk, cream, lemon.
Tea chilled fruit or berry juice
- Dry tea -1 teaspoon - sugar - 20 grams - of fruit or berry juice - 50 ml - Ice - 20 grams - a slice of lemon or orange.
Prepare and chill the tea, add a fruit or berry juice and stir. Post tea in glasses or cups, put a slice of lemon or orange. The tea can be added edible ice.
Tea Tatar
- Tea - 5-6g - water -100 ml - Milk - 100ml - butter 1/2 tsp.. - Salt - to taste.
Pressed tea is placed in boiling water and immediately pour the milk. Boil, stirring, 5-6 minutes. Then add salt to taste, the tea is poured into bowls and put butter.