Coffee Gimoka

    Gimoka The company was founded in 1982, its head office is now located in andalo valtellino, Italy. The company adheres to Gimoka Italian coffee traditions and has a long history in the coffee market. Today it is a dynamic and modern company with advanced technology and equipment.
     In the north of Italy, in a region Skirama Dolomiti (Skirama Dolomiti) in the silence of the Alps is a ski resort Andalo. Among the Alps in the snow clean roasted and prepared unique blends of coffee Gimoka.
     Prepared according to old recipes Gimoka coffee its model range will satisfy both lovers of luxury Arabica, Robusta and connoisseurs of strong and subtle combinations thereof.
     The company's specialists are constantly carrying out various studies and develop their products to every taste and whim of the client has been translated into reality.
     In the process of roasting beans using a combined system, which is aimed at enhancing the flavor of coffee. Grains of green coffee go a long processing path: first, the process of mixing and then frying, allowing you to enjoy a fragrant dish of espresso every day.
      Coffee Gimoka gets its unmatched taste by proper processing and roasting of coffee beans. Each serving coffee Gimoka - it is the aroma and taste of traditional Italian coffee, which we are happy to deliver you.
     Delivery and sale of coffee takes place on the territory of Ukraine.
     Coffee Gimoka - classic Italian coffee without flavoring additives and flavorings.
     Gimoka - currently enjoying.
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