Hyson | Купити з доставкою в ✔Львові, ✔Одесі, ✔Полтаві, ✔Черкасах, ✔Запоріжжі

Black leaf tea with slices of Goji Berries and aroma. ..


Tea flavored juicy flavor wine to warm you warm day in winter. 200g, black tea, pieces of anodes (..


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Hyson | Купити з доставкою в ✔Львові, ✔Одесі, ✔Полтаві, ✔Черкасах, ✔Запоріжжі
Hayson Chai (OEM) Ltd. The specialized tea company exports high quality Ceylon tea to more than 40 countries around the world. Haison tea was registered in 2002 and since then, our export business is growing rapidly, because our business practices, business partners and partners abroad and, most importantly, thanks to you, our beloved customers.

Lushantha de Silva third generation (1986) Master titester and Blender are also the founder and chairman of the company. Grandfather Thurson de Silva (first generation - 1936) entered the tea industry as an avid tea lover with the goal of learning everything about tea. His eldest son, Hemasiri de Silva (second generation - 1960) followed in the footsteps of his father in the tea industry and oversaw several tea plantations located in central Sri Lanka.

Including the rocky cliffs of the tea plantation in Kotagala - a beautiful tourist place - between Hatton and Thalawakele.