Coffee Jockey

A cup of coffee - a small miracle, a world filled with thousands of aroma and flavors. But this man-made miracle, because for every small cup is the work of many people who grow coffee, harvested coffee berries and process them. In addition, this little cup of coffee owes its existence to those skilled in the art that are fried beans and mix them in the right proportions to get a taste, which we love and expect, brewing yourself that same cup of coffee.
In this section of the site you can learn how to grow coffee and treated, how to properly make and how it affects human health. In addition, here you will find a story about our coffee Jockey brand
Coffee "Jockey" One of the most famous brands of natural coffee in Russia. This is not surprising, because in him "Orimi Trade" approach with the same yardstick, which glorified the tea of ​​the company: the product must possess exceptional quality and, as they say, a reasonable price. We know that in our country, like coffee is not bitter (as, for example, in France), and without a strong acidity (its like in Scandinavia), and a mild, balanced taste and rich aroma. For this taste on "Orimi Trade" factory blended coffee beans from around the world:
  • coffee from Bolivia and Cameroon gives the "jockey" soft sweet taste;
  • coffee beans from Burundi and Papua New Guinea - a thin, so-called "high" acidity;
  • Brazilian coffee "mozhiana" - a light saltiness;
  • coffee from Ethiopia - a wine flavor and aroma of wild fruits.

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