Medicinal properties of tea

Medicinal properties of tea


Reading the conclusions of scientists about useful properties of tea, we recall that for centuries people empirically knew them. Knew that the tea stimulates the body, enhances performance, invigorates, relieves fatigue. Generations of people on personal experience convinced of this, and their experience passed on to children and grandchildren.

Warming in the cold and refreshing in the heat, quenching thirst and helping digestion, tea increases energy of a person and in this sense also acts as a means to satisfy hunger. Not replacing food, tea helps a person to do her a little (the'bread and tea') and save the performance. Contributing to digestion, the tea facilitates the digestion and prevents diseases of the digestive organs.

All this is familiar to seasoned travellers, hunters, geologists, mariners, which I always take such a small weight and volume, but a significant strength of the product. Accordingly, the tea in the XIX century were taken 'into service' in the armies of several countries, including Russia, as an indispensable part of the diet. Also for centuries, tea is used as an excellent means of treatment of many gastrointestinal diseases. It is noteworthy that in cases of acute indigestion tea, sometimes, is the only food that the patient can accept.

Often forget that in cases of poisoning by alcohol, medications or drugs you need to take very strong hot tea with milk and sugar, with nausea and urge to vomit, chew dry green tea, and burns – apply to the affected area pounded the dry tea. For many years the tried and tested cure for a hangover is either strong brewed tea with milk and sugar, or as a strong tea, but with lemon. And this, as already noted, is confirmed by the medical authorities.

Long known that tea has beneficial effects on metabolism in our body, helps in the treatment of scurvy, as well as internal hemorrhages.
The Chinese of ancient times believe, not without reason, that the tea contributes to the prevention of disease and in longevity. In our days medicine confirms that regular consumption of tea supports the body in a stable level of amino acids and vitamins, which is especially important in the elderly. Japanese scientists, in turn, indicate that the tannin in tea is much more effectively slows the aging tissues of the human body than widely advertised vitamin E.

Let's look at some everyday situations in which you should think about tea before you hurry to seek the latest preparations of the complex chemical formulas.



Much cold people will quickly come to your senses and relax, slowly drinking the hot strong brewed black tea with sugar and milk (or lemon). Will not be superfluous in such a situation, replace the milk with one teaspoon of liqueur, brandy or vodka – the warming will accelerate. Tea will help to stop the development of a sore throat if you drink it with honey and crushed juice in a Cup of lemon slices. Also, when cold a few cups of strong and very sweet tea almost immediately relieve the discomfort cough and sore throat. When we drink tea, significantly increases the amount of light inhaled air and exhaled carbon dioxide. This indicates that the tea party makes the entire respiratory exchange more intense, which is important for colds and inflammation of the respiratory system.

Because of this, doctors often advise patients to drink a lot of tea, and with the addition of honey, milk, raspberry, mint, that not only facilitates breathing, but also stimulates the activity of the human body, activates blood circulation and metabolism. Known to be the ancient recipe of tea in case of hypothermia or a mild cold, which was placed in the 'Orthodox Encyclopedia cuisine'. Take 3 parts strong tea, 1 part honey and 1 part vodka. Mix well and bring to boil. To drink in small portions.



It's hard to call any other drink that can quench your thirst and bring coolness to the whole body as a hot, strong tea. Many can say that have been in a situation when you felt this way for a long time and remember the pleasure of drinking hot tea. To recall the bliss of a leisurely tea after walking in the heat, after heavy physical work 'up a sweat' or after a good bath.There are two 'philosophy' on which a beverage, hot or cold, will give repose and coolness.

As a lover and connoisseur of hot tea will Express their understanding of the first 'philosophy'. Let me remind you that hot tea quickly and directly causes a reaction in the skin: pores open and starts a wide active perspiration, which reduces body temperature. Pore cleansing and revitalization of skin. creates a pleasant feeling of release from the heaviness and 'straightening' of the whole body. In Russia, many countries in Western Europe and in the East like to drink hot tea especially in the heat.

But not so with the Americans: they have their own history. On the eve of colonization of the New world they were drinking hot tea, like their fathers and forefathers in England, Ireland, Holland. But a century ago, as we know, they've been addicted to iced tea and now the tea often drink at home, it is served in every restaurant and diner. Americans liked their iced tea.



Tonic effect of tea was discovered by the ancient Buddhist monks, and is a striking feature of tea for centuries carried him the reputation of 'elixir of vitality'.
Coffee drinkers may object, pointing out that their favorite drink is also good invigorates. However, we know that a Cup of coffee can cheer up for an hour or two, followed by a sharp decline, while drinking tea brings vigor for a period of 5 to 6 hours, after which vigorous condition subsides gradually and does not cause a painful reaction.

Interesting is the following. Over the past decade in some countries, and especially in the U.S. increased the number of opponents of caffeine in any form and for this reason, many tea companies are preparing a number of popular and familiar varieties of black tea, freeing this tea theine (tea caffeine). Most of all, it teas in bags of a single welding.

I know by personal observation that consumers with a Cup of tea decaffeinating, saying that you still feel after this pleasant vivacity. This can be seen amazing property of tea: deprived of caffeine, which is, whether in tea or in coffee excites, the tea retains the ability to gently brace.
It is erroneous to think that the tonic effect of a tea beverage is associated with the 'calorie'. 200 g of this drink no more than 16 calories. If, however, add in a tablespoon of milk and a piece of sugar, the number of calories will increase to forty. In a Cup of strong tea with cream and two sugars the number of calories closer to hundred.

Vigor tea we feel as a result of the complex positive action of all its elements on our cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous system and relieves lethargy, fatigue, giving a burst of energy. Tea stimulates the Central nervous system, increases the flow of oxygen to brain cells, and this occurs gently, not perevozbuzdenie the body, as happens after taking coffee. Over tea, as we usually say, 'clearer head': increases focus, becomes sharper thought, easier ideas and solutions.



Tea in its effect on the person is multifaceted: he is able to encourage and reassure. Maybe even someone have to sleep, if you drink a Cup of tea ultrastrong.

Unlike coffee, which can only cheer up, and that briefly, the tea greatly affects the body. Activating the man, he at the same time brings him comfort, relaxation, peace of mind. The mere scent of freshly brewed tea relieves restlessness, stimulates the circulatory and respiratory systems. Reception tea relieves spasms of blood vessels, expanding them and thereby facilitates circulation.
To calm important and sometimes decisive role played by the environment in which we paused and decided to relax, to steady my nerves with a Cup of fresh tea.

It is known that heavy smokers get your usual pleasure and relaxation not only from inhaling smoke cigarettes, and the switch to a different state. Now smokers in knowing about the evils of tobacco, could go in a 'League of its members' and to find together with them the 'buzz' not just 'puff' delicious and aromatic tea extract, but in the atmosphere of the tea party.



As noted above, the pronounced positive effect of tea on cardiovascular health. Reception tea relieves spasm of blood vessels, expanding them and thereby normalize blood pressure.

In cases of hypotension, the use of freshly brewed black tea, especially in the morning stimulates a rise in blood pressure to optimal and gives a charge of vivacity, sometimes for the whole day.

Useful for hypotensive properties of widespread black tea is well-known, which gave rise to judgments, as if in consequence, any tea is contraindicated to hypertensive patients.

This error, however, is not consistent with centuries-old experience of the Chinese and Japanese, for centuries, have studied the healing power of tea leaves, and in our time, it also dispel the evidence of many medical authorities.

While taking tea, vitamin e and the catechins present in the beverage, enter the body concentrated and really help to reduce blood pressure, relieve headaches, tinnitus. Tea with the systematic use helps the high blood pressure that reduces cholesterol in the blood and hence improves circulation. The ritual of taking tea is favourable for people to relax.

Those who are accustomed to black tea, can now use his good grades made without caffeine, and it is not good for hypertensive patients. But the best for hypertension are different varieties of red and green tea which are very effective to reduce and normalize blood pressure.
In a good Chinese shop and on the shelves of the 'Russian tea room' you can find a selection of teas. Useful in hypertension Fujian Oolong of the highest quality 'Black dragon', grown and harvested according to the recipes of ancient Chinese medicine. Normalizing the pressure, it also promotes rapid removal of fat from the body, improves vision, eliminates bad breath and in General increases the body's resistance to disease. Although this is not a cheap product but each portion of tea can be poured up to five times.

People find it useful to regularly drink tea, especially if blood pressure 'jumps' in response to changing weather conditions or for other reasons.
Japanese scientists recommend green tea even chronic high blood pressure as a course of treatment. First dry green tea splash of water with a temperature of about 80 ?With, thereby decreasing the content of caffeine, and then fill it with boiling water for the infusion, which can last up to 8 min ready infusion add ascorbic acid (0.1 g per Cup), and take the infusion daily, after a meal one glass.



Long known that any well-prepared tea drink when used has a slight antibacterial effect on the stomach and intestines, creates protection from harmful bacteria. Also helps digestion and better digestion.

These wonderful properties of tea has long been enjoyed by the Chinese and Japanese, and with them and other peoples. Similarly, resort to tea as a medicinal product for upset stomach and discomfort in the stomach.

Pay attention to the strongly pronounced bactericidal properties of green tea, especially tea varieties. Remember also that these properties are preserved in the finished infusion of green tea and a day later after making it, they even increase. Green tea is an effective treatment in cases of dysentery: recovery occurs after a few days.

Of course, in the event of a serious infectious disease or food poisoning must, strictly following the doctor's recommendations, take appropriate medications. Well, after that? Here tea is our best and sometimes just an assistant. Good infusion of tea, black or green, appears as a particularly gentle product and as a product that increases the power of the person, being, thus, a means of satisfying hunger.
We must admit that in acute and long-term upset stomach tea is the only food that the patient can accept. Often the doctor prescribes as part of a diet to adopt for several days only tea with biscuits. In cases of nausea and retching knowledgeable doctor will advise you to definitely chew some dry tea leaves.

Strong brewed hot black tea with sugar and milk, the doctor will advise in cases of poisoning by alcohol, drugs or narcotics.



After excessive alcohol saturation'oraNISM Cup of tea aims at combating all your relaxation forces and thus relieves the state of dehydration caused by alcohol.

Tea must be fresh, hot and well infused. I subscribed to it with sugar and milk, but with lemon. Well in such cases to chew some dry tea leaves black tea that will help to get rid of unpleasant taste and smell in your mouth. And generally-need to drink less alcohol and more likely to look for pleasure in well-prepared delicious tea. Beautiful meal with tea, and even around the samovar, will give more pleasure and even more health than feast with wine bottles.



Tea in all its properties aid digestion and good digestion, and it was anciently known to the Chinese, the Japanese, Koreans, Mongols.
British, great connoisseurs of tea and its beneficial properties, also often accompany the meal tea, especially the Breakfast and light lunch in the work break.
In the US iced tea and a slice of lemon in a tall glass put on the table in almost any restaurant, and this tea sipping from time to time during the whole meal.
In Russia have long been familiar began to drink tea eating a sandwich, pie or cake, not to mention the indispensable Cup of tea at Breakfast or after dinner.
Myself life experience has led many to the understanding of the benefits of tea for good digestion. He is particularly active in helping to digest farinaceous products and cereals, fatty foods. It is important, however, to take tea with intervals, so it does not interfere much in the function of saliva and digestive juices of its own body. It helps them, but should not replace them.

Tea is especially useful when in the intestine accumulates a lot of toxins, in particular, by reason of disease of the liver or other organs. Some varieties of green and red tea, for example, Chinese and formossa Oolong, especially cleanse the body and increase weight loss.
Another consideration in favor of tea for a meal, expressed by many medical authorities. Often, because of circumstances or their own habits we do not get enough daily intake of liquids, which is necessary for the normal activities of our body. It is not less than 1.5 liters, but preferably up to 2 liters per day. Already just because of this, another glass of tea for dinner or just will be good.

Some people are afraid to drink tea, believing that it can cause constipation. In fact it is not so: tea is not only affects the digestion, but it improves. However, if a tendency to constipation, better to drink tea 'the American' is cold and adding a little fresh milk. Colitis gives good results enema of the cooled to room temperature, the infusion of green tea.

There is no reason to avoid tea for kidney disease. Such patients tolerate tea and in chronic nephritis with symptoms of insufficiency of kidneys. And the tea is in these cases beneficial for the patient, removing the feeling of weakness and lack of appetite. The same can be said about cases of diseases such as chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.



Dentists from many countries agree that the regular consumption of tea effectively strengthens our teeth and gums, sanitizes the entire oral cavity.
Tea is rich in fluoride, and regular intake of tea, we get up to 70% of its norms necessary for the prevention of dental caries. The presence in tea of a large number of sugar, however, reduces this positive effect. Welcome tea with milk is a good source of calcium and small doses of vitamins B2 and B6, manganese, potassium, zinc and other substances important for the body.

Tea also helps the saliva to inhibit the formation of acids and thus reduce their effects on tooth enamel. Tea can prevent and even eliminate small hemorrhages of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums. Known folk remedy for toothache: dial in the mouth a strong infusion of green tea it with crushed cloves of garlic and hold it in your mouth a little longer, until the pain subsides.

When periodontal disease helps long the mouthwash of tea and garlic infusion. This requires a crushed clove of garlic and a teaspoon of dry tea, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 20 min.



Tea, when we accept it, has a complex effect on our whole body, including the skin. It stimulates the skin breath. When we drink tea, especially hot, sweating under the influence of tea cleanses and purifies the pores of the skin, and not purely mechanical, and biochemical. The Chinese learned long ago how to tea an rest feeling after the second and fifth cups of tea, as perspiration passes through the body and facilitates it removes the constraint.

Also since ancient times the Chinese used the powder and infusion of green tea as a skin moisturizer. They wash their face with infusion of green tea that rids the skin of acne and pimples, prepare tea face mask, bath. Regular, for several weeks a bath of strong brewed green tea can get rid of fungal infections of the skin, particularly the feet. The Chinese for these purposes also put dried used tea leaves in clean socks, which are stored in the closet.

When sweating of the hands and feet is useful to make local baths with infusion of strong black tea. Talk to Indian and Indonesian women, who know many secrets of skin care and hair and they talk about cases when a tea is a great helper, especially in hot climates. In particular, the Indians find it helpful to rinse washed hair with warm infusion of black or green tea, wipe the whole body with cold infusion of black tea, explaining that such a procedure is useful for all skin types. A cotton swab dipped in this tea, put on a good couple of minutes to your closed eyes and take it with them weary state. Though, the infusion of black tea significantly dry skin.

Russian women know as a lot of variants of improvement of the facial skin by applying different masks. A mask of tea and honey to soften dry and sluggish skin is prepared by mixing 100 g of honey with 2 tablespoons of infusion of strong black tea. The mixture is applied to the face, keep for 15 minutes and wash off with cool water.
Mask of tea, honey and oatmeal for similar purposes is prepared by thoroughly mixing 1 tablespoon of infusion of strong tea with 2 tablespoons oatmeal, 2 tablespoons of water and 1 teaspoon of honey. The resulting mass is heated on a water bath, applied to the face, cover face with a towel. After 20 minutes remove mask and rinse face with water.

A mask of tea and flour, recommended for aged and wrinkled skin, prepared by mixing 1 tablespoon flour, 1 egg yolk and infusion of strong tea in that volume to get bulk density of sour cream. Hold the mask 20 minutes, wash face with warm water and lubricate nourishing cream.

imes,serif;'> Mask of tea and cheese is prepared by creating a mixture of 2 teaspoons of low-fat cottage cheese with 1 teaspoon of infusion of strong tea, to which add 1/2 teaspoon of fortified cod liver oil or 1 teaspoon flax oil and ground dried lemon peel or orange. The mass is thoroughly mixed and applied as a mask for 10-15 minutes, after which the face is washed with warm water.



It has been said that women in India and Indonesia, with hair, tea is widely used in caring for them. They cook special lotions with tea.

After washing your hair is useful to rinse them with a fresh infusion of tea prepared the same way as for drinking. A stronger brew will help with severe hair loss: it should be rubbed into the scalp daily for 10 to 14 days.
With dandruff you should mix the three components are 1 tablespoon of strong infusion of tea, castor oil and vodka. Wet hair with the mixture and lightly RUB it, after 2-3 hours rinse thoroughly with warm water and so repeat through the day to eliminate dandruff.

You can slightly lighten hair and add Shine composition of tea, chamomile, henna and vodka. Should be put in a pan with 10 g of dry tea, 50 g of dried camomile, 40 g of henna, pour 500 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Cool, pour 200 ml of vodka, put in a closed dish and let stand 3 days. The resulting composition of the well to wet clean hair and stand 30-40 minutes, then wash hair with soap or shampoo. This procedure will also help to strengthen roots of the hair. For the best Shine put on the dried hair scarf pure silk and lightly burnish them for a few minutes.

There is a simple way to give your hair a copper shade. In a glass of water to brew 3 tablespoons of dry tea and pokipyatit for 20 minutes, then thoroughly drain. Good freshly shampooed hair wet with this decoction 20-3.0 minutes, then rinse well.



Tea, in addition to the above, has various economic applications. As raw material it is used in the pharmaceutical industry: it is extracted from natural caffeine, vitamins C and R. the tea Extracts used as a sedative and analgesic. In cosmetics tea extract include a number of dyes. As noted above, mixed with henna it gives the hair a nice Golden brown color, strengthens hair roots and helps get rid of dandruff.

Tea can help in everyday life. You can give the mirror a beautiful Shine if you wash it a strong tea infusion.To eliminate unpleasant odors useful to put on the shelf where clean socks, a sack of dried leaves sleep tea. Making two of these pouches to put them for a few days to a couple of used shoes, and it will remove the smell of sweat.

If, after the reception left a lot of the second brew the tea too thick, it will help to refresh and guests trod down the carpet. Clean the carpet cleaner, sprinkle on it a wet tea leaves and then mimetite them thoroughly clean brush. Exists in everyday life and everyday life is also a kind of special use of tea leaves. The Chinese since ancient times was performed divination by tea leaves, predicting the person's success and failure. Such divination came into use, some of the peoples of Southeast Asia and at one time became widespread also in Russia. But this is a separate issue.



Considering the versatile properties of tea, down to the utilitarian, it is not necessary to forget about the main dignity of this magnificent gift of nature, tea is able and willing to give us joy and create at any time wonderful mood. It is important to learn how to use the opportunities he gives us.

Do not take on the mission 'tea guru', but will Express only a few of their suggestions, based on personal experience.

In life there are many disappointments. Some are rude bosses or unruly children, other diseases and misfortune, and others – those that happen by our own folly, when 'the devil made me do it' or 'the idea came after'. Can be a long time to be upset, 'to sit in the minor key', which will only undermine the strength needed to overcome adversity. Worse – can be put to a bottle and a number of faceted glass, which further weaken the body and will.

But there is a simple, tried and tested for centuries way: in spite of everything to create the fracture and a good mood – what with us will remain. Have a modest jar of tea on a secluded shelf including us ally and helper. It is always useful to keep at home a small package of your favorite tea and regularly update it for such an occasion.