Lipton Tea

Lipton - tea №1 in the world*
The basis of Unilever tea business was founded in 1971 when the group acquired the company Lipton International, created in the late XIX century. Today Lipton - a global leader in brands of tea, drink it in more than 150 countries. A key factor in strengthening the leading position Lipton - high quality and attention to changes in consumer tastes.
Lipton Yellow Label Tea: rich tradition and experience of great sesquicentennial Lipton tea became a reliable basis for our innovation.
Now a new blend Lipton Yellow Label Tea includes tea, produced by innovative technology. The current approach allows you to get juice from fresh tea leaves that later over the traditional drying again to add the tea leaves of high quality.
Lipton experts closely follow every stage of the creation of tea - from birth to blending tea leaves that you can fully enjoy the rich flavor and rich aroma of your favorite Lipton Yellow Label Tea.
• Only fresh tea leaves
• Tea leaves give a natural juice
• Intense flavor and rich aroma of tea
* According to Euromonitor International, all channels of retail trade, including direct sales, according to Euromonitor International classification used by international brand names; the total value of sales at retail selling price; based on data from 2010.