Lipton | Buy cheap in ✔ Kiev, ✔Sumy, ✔Uzhgorod, ✔Chernigov, ✔Ivano-Frankivsk

Lipton | Buy cheap in ✔ Kiev, ✔Sumy, ✔Uzhgorod, ✔Chernigov, ✔Ivano-Frankivsk
Lipton is a trademark of tea, registered by Thomas Lipton in the UK in 1890. Currently owned by Unilever.

The brand Lipton remains in active use, tea under this brand is sold all over the world (according to the official site of Lipton - in 110 countries). The bulk of Lipton products are located in the middle of the price range and are characterized as medium in quality but affordable.

Like most branded tea varieties, Lipton teas are blends of a variety of teas of different grades collected from the plantations of many countries, mainly India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and China. So, the most famous brand of Lipton Yellow Label includes 20 different kinds of tea.

In addition to black leaf tea under the old brand Lipton Yellow Label, a wide range of varieties is produced and sold, including loose loose, packaged and ready-to-drink bottled teas, black, green, black flavored, herbal teas, "slimming tea". In the Asian markets, Lipton tea with milk is also represented.

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