Coffee Morganti

About company
Back in 1890, a chemist Romeo Morganti started to show interest in the coffee and decided to study it in order to proceed with the preparation of its industrial way. In those days, in fact, the coffee was a drink that was not as prevalent as it is today, and sold raw. For kitchens, hotels, this was a great option when Romeo designed and manufactured one of the first devices on the roasting, which contributed to the revolution in the coffee industry. With the apparatus for packaging and roasting of coffee first and unique style roast Morganti was born, which became the basis of the positive destiny of the family management personnel. Today, the company manages the fourth generation. Since then, coffee TM Morganti has grown and is a high-production systems that distinguishes it and that helped to produce blends for espresso coffee with a unique taste all over the world.
Processing of coffee:
Selection of coffee: The company is committed to the uniqueness and permanence in time and, therefore, particularly control over the choice of green coffee in the places of origin, such as Central America, South America, India and Africa.
Roasting After careful selection, the company moves to the mix, and then to the main stage - roasting. Roasting - this is the stage when the coffee beans significantly changes their chemical, physical and aromatic properties. Mixing leads to an improvement of the product, this is done in order to get the perfect balance of taste, aroma and strength according to the old traditional recipe.
Milling: The last stage of processing coffee - grinding, after which the finished product becomes, i.e. the coffee beans were ground and converted into dust.
In the future, it will be packed in such a way that quality is maintained as long as possible to get to consumers around the world, keeping the coffee aroma: intense and persistent.
The company's goal:
The Company believes that the fruits of research are the love and the passion inherent in the Italian temperament and transmits this fascinating drink that is able to satisfy the most refined tastes of consumers.
Over 100 years of coffee Morganti, having extensive experience, provide high quality coffee produced in harmony of classical traditions and modern innovations.