Buy tea, coffee, coffee makers in Mykolaiv

Buy tea, coffee or coffee makers in Nikolaev.

Do you want to buy tea in Nikolaev black or green, coffee beans or ground and it would be good to have a proven brand? Or maybe you decided to buy a coffee machine? This is possible with the online store "ChafeyKo". We work for you all over Ukraine. Are ready to deliver your order anywhere in Ukraine, to the nearest warehouse to you or directly to your home or office.
To place an order and buy the goods you like in Mykolayiv is very easy. Go to our website, enter the parameters of the product you are interested in and the system itself will offer the best options. Our specialists are always ready to come to your aid and advise you on the issues that are of interest to you. Nikolaev is a beautiful city, and its inhabitants deserve the best goods.

You can receive your order at the following address in the New Post office:

New Post Phone for inquiries: (0512) 47-67-33

Department №1 ул. 1st Slobodskaya, 62
Department №2 st. Seaworthy, 1а
Department №3 ул. Electronic, 81/7
Department №4 prosp. October, 330
Department №5 просп. Heroes of Stalingrad, 77/1
Branch number 6 (up to 30 kg): st. Sovetskaya, 13/1
Branch number 7 (up to 30 kg): Prosp. October, 16
Branch number 8 (up to 30 kg): st. Nikolskaya, 49
Branch number 9 (up to 30 kg): st. General Karpenka, 2/2 a
Department №10 (up to 30 kg): Lenina ave., 86/3
Department №11 (up to 30 kg): Prospekt Mira, 13
Department number 12 (up to 30 kg): st. Pushkinskaya, 33
Branch number 13 (up to 30 kg per seat): st. Red Shifters, 17/7