Tea Princess Java

"Princess Java" - health in every cup.

     The history of green tea has about five thousand years. He is the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. At the same time it is very modern drink is gaining popularity all over the world - in Russia. And this is understandable. Green tea contains almost full set of known vitamins. Doctors unanimously claim that this drink is very useful for health. And in addition, green tea is perfectly quenches thirst.
     "Orimi Trade" is a collection of five varieties of green tea, combined trademark "Princess Java". In addition to green tea "Princess Java" includes tea from the Sudanese rose petals - hibiscus.
"Princess Java" Flavoured teas
     In the homeland of tea in China, it is believed that the art of enjoying green tea have to learn gradually and slowly. For us, who are used to black tea, the taste of green for the first time may seem unusual and even expressionless.
     Therefore, the first step into the world of this amazing drink can be flavored green teas - subtle shades of aromas of flowers and fruits Otten traditional tart taste tea and emphasize freshness and individuality of the bouquet. The brand "Princess Java" - six varieties of flavored green tea. "Princess Java" Natural fruit tea.
"Princess Java" also presents a collection of natural fruit teas without caffeine, created on the basis of hibiscus and rose hips - four great refreshing summer drink with aromas of ripe berries. Natural complexes of vitamins and minerals that make up the hibiscus and rose hips, increase vitality, and a beneficial effect on health.
"Princess Java" Herbal tea mate.
Mate - is the ethnic drink prepared from the dried and crushed leaves of Paraguayan holly - evergreen tree common in South America. The national drink of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, in recent years, mate steadily gaining European countries. The collection mate brand "Princess Java" is represented by a natural mate (leaf and tea bags) and flavored.

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