Tea Princess Nuri

"Princess Noori" Selected - Great taste, excellent quality

"Princess Nuri" - a high quality Ceylon tea. This brand combines the five varieties of black leaf tea: large leaf variety - Best, beautiful leaf Pekoe, two grades with tips - tea buds - Bouquet and Extra, and exquisite Earl Grey. These varieties are ideally meet preferences of Russian consumers, many of whom are fine connoisseurs of tea flavor. Strong bright flavor and rich aroma - that is what is expected of tea in Russia, and "Princess Nuri" - is the perfect embodiment of these expectations.
"Princess Noori" Kenyan
"Princess Noori" Kenyan - black tea is grown near the equator, in the highlands of Kenya. The first tea plantations were established in Kenya only at the beginning of the twentieth century, but, despite his youth, Kenyan tea is today one of the most popular in the world - it is valued for rich harmonious taste, light flavor and a beautiful color of the infusion. In addition, it is considered that Kenyan tea blends perfectly with milk.
"Princess Noori" original
"Princess Noori" The original - excellent black tea with saturated taste, deep color infusion and soft pleasant aroma. Light bergamot of tea bouquet, almost palpable - it only emphasizes the richness of flavor nuances and bright individuality of the class.
"Princess Noori" Alpine - Being closer to the sun!
Highlands tea plantations are located at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,500 meters above sea level. The unique climate of the highlands - plenty of sun, clean air and cool water from mountain springs - ideal for the tea plant. High grown tea that brings an unbelievable natural energy.
"Princess Noori" Flavoured teas
Especially for those who expect from tea something more than the traditional taste and flavor, "Orimi Trade" offers a collection of twelve kinds of black tea flavored with fruits and berries. The collection is excellent Ceylon tea - with a rich and full-bodied taste and intense color infusion.

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