Ceylon tea, perhaps, the most in line with our ideas about the best tea!
Popular areas of the island - it Nuwara, Uva, Elia, Dimbulah.
Tea plantations are located in the highlands at an altitude of 200 to 25,000 meters. It is in these places are grown elite varieties of black tea
Logo "Lion with a sword", printed on the packaging of Ceylon tea, not only indicates the country of origin of tea, but also is an indicator of high quality
The presence of such a logo on the packaging of tea means:
-used only for consumer packages of Ceylon tea;
- The package contains 100% pure Ceylon tea;
- Tea brand with logo "Lion with a sword" are packed in Sri Lanka;
- Foreign importers / tea makers can not apply the logo for their products;
- All the tea brands with a similar logo meet the quality standards of Sri Lanka.
All standards used for the production of tea "Tea4U" and "TAAZ" confirmed the emblem of the lion - a symbol of quality Ceylon tea.
This fact shows willingness to offer connoisseurs of excellent quality and variety of gourmet blends.

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