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Mixture of black and green tea, black / green pure leaf tea   Packing: Cardboard packaging ..

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Tarlton | Buy WHOLESALE in ✔ Lviv, ✔Dnipro, ✔Chernivtsi, ✔Cherkassy, ✔Krivoy Rog
The trademark of Tarlton tea is very popular and has an unusually high reputation in many European countries. In terms of ecology, elite Tarlton tea is cultivated in the cleanest areas of the island of Ceylon.

Carefully assembled tea plants are carefully manned on the latest high-performance technical equipment. Thanks to such modern technologies, the buyer can truly appreciate the excellent quality and true taste of this Ceylon tea.

Grow tea for the company Tarlton at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, in a damp and mild tropical climate, which has a favorable effect on the quality of the product. To retain the unique valuable properties of the company Tarlton tea, it is possible to manually assemble the product and pack directly on the site of the harvest, which is also done manually. In the production of Tarlton tea, only natural ingredients are used: inflorescences of various herbs, slices of fruit, dried berries, buds and petals of flowers.

Also, teas under the trademark Tarlton have in their composition antioxidants useful for the body. And antioxidants, in turn, effectively purify the body, take care of the protection of cells, hinder the external and internal effects of poisonous protein substances. This contributes to a significant reduction in the likelihood of the formation and progression of all kinds of dangerous diseases for humans, mainly the cardiovascular system.

A wide range of teas of the trade mark Tarlton combines all sorts of exquisite varieties and refined tastes. What makes it possible to please and satisfy the needs of true connoisseurs and true connoisseurs of delicate fragrant tea.