Tea Tea4u

In 1824, based on o.Tseylon it was the first tea factory. In 1867, James Taylor, a Scotsman by birth, planted 19 acres of tea in the city of Kandy on o.Tseylon. This is the first commercial tea plantation.
1873 the first cargo of tea was sent to London.
1890 our founder M. Anveralli, created thanks to the innovative efforts of a unique blend of tea with o.Tseylon.
His approach has remained until the present time is the main philosophy Anverally Sons. Natural Ceylon tea brand "Tea4U" promoted and packaged on o.Shri Lanka now "Anveralli and Sons" in Colombo.
The collection includes leaf teas and tea bags; black and green; teas with the addition of pieces of fruit, berries and flower petals over 40 items. Anverallisa Brands are recognized in 60 countries in Europe and Asia.