Coffee Trombetta

History of the brand Caffe Trombetta

19th century

Brand Caffe Trombetta was founded in 1890 by Vittorio Trombetta in Rome. During this period, Italy actively developing rail transport, so its first store Vittorio Trombetta opened near the railway station Termini on via Marsala. This location allows the cafe to take a lot of tourists coming to the capital and offer them high-quality coffee, cooked according to the best Italian tradition.

The coffee from Caffe Trombetta soon became known for its superior quality. Coffee soon became not only an institution for tourists arriving in Rome by rail, but also a favorite place for true coffee lovers, who lived in the capital. The first coffeehouse Trombetta, located on via Marsala and today treats residents and visitors in Rome excellent coffee.   

20th century

Times change, but the passion for coffee has remained, as well as respect for family traditions. Over time, especially in the post-war economic boom in Italy, the business grew Trombetta. In the 60 years of management of the company passed to his grandson Vittorio Trombetta - Giorgio. During this period, the new structure of the company and built a modern factory for the production of coffee was created in Pomezia - industrial area, a few kilometers from Rome. DzhordzhioTrombetta, known for its modern approach and vision of the business, one of the first to use vacuum packaging for coffee packaging.
Exquisite taste of coffee Caffe Trombetta loved to enjoy great Italian director and screenwriter, Oscar winner, Federico Fellini. He frequented the Café Canova that Giorgio Trombetta opened in a prestigious area of ​​Rome - Piazza del Popolo.


21th century

Now Caffe Trombetta SpA is a powerful industrial concern, which occupies significant positions in the coffee industry in Italy and mira.Proizvodstvennaya concern capacity is over 6000 tons of coffee per year. The production processes are fully automated. Developed and implemented an information system, controlling product quality. Products Caffe Trombetta SpA has the international quality certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 regulations.

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